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This page contains sound files, recorded in 1959, at Belvidere, Illinois, of the District 88 Concert Band (Grades 5 through 8), from Bellwood, Illinois.

The band was performing in competition, under the direction of Richard F. Zelek (Dec'd), and featured Walter Parazaider (woodwind artist of Chicago, The Band), an eighth grade musician at the time, as First Chair Clarinetist.

The original recording, from which these three sound clips have been reproduced, is over 45 years old, and in very poor condition, with many scratches, some warping and much other deterioration.

We've tried to clean & restore the disk condition to the best possible quality we can. Unfortunately, we've been unable to restore it to its original quality, but we've done the very best job possible. At least, the music is distinguishable, between the scratches, hisses, pings, skips, etc. It, at the very least, provides some idea of the excellent background of Walt's origins.

The band received a first rating for this performance. We hope you enjoy it.

Unless Walt disapproves, we welcome you to download the files below, if you wish.

-- Rick Iaccino

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